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Thomas Gossmann 27.8.06

To mathematician Gregori Perelman,

Hello Grischa, folks,

my name is Thomas, independent scientist, sort of german chief scientist (self-elected because if you are officially elected you probably die) in terms of whole picture, not chief specialized idiot.
Why You not let me get the money from the king, with sunglasses on and T-Shirt "Achtung surrender", then I come to Pburg for russian-german plans.
Sorry I did not show up in Budapest 82. You look more interesting than the maths pet kids. I failed in round 2, in round 3 the german participants were selected. Obviously the other kids have had books and people to talk to, while I had the psycho shit upon me. Like: Supporting the self-promotion of the adults. In grade 1 I was given a jewish haircut, all I understood was I was supposed to look stupid and they were lying. It was all part of a campaign to make jews and jews-friends the great people in Germany. I was shocked and always in danger to show even more intelligence and "arrogance" than was already known. In grade 5 (10years) I was too good in an intelligence test, so they said I cheated and didn´t give me the result. Also I was not allowed to skip classes, "for human reasons". I could go to school in Canada in part of grade 11, they put me to grade 12 (which is grade 13 in Germany). Still I was shocked by the low niveau of the free people. (I hadn´t expected to be among the best students of a high school, after having only visited 2 months of high school in Germany). Today in the international study to compare schools (PISA) Germany is medium while the province where I skipped 2 classes is among the best in the world. The campaign had actually ruined the german schools. So after school I was prepared that intelligence and attitude don´t pay, and lived on little money and stayed prepared for intelligent action. (uni+other investigation)
But then they gave me live-long Autoverbot because of little money and "bad attitude". (E.g. they couldn´t proof hemp while driving so they got a psychiatrist who said I was not driving on hemp but I maybe would have.) So to drive again and not be house arrested, I had to spend money and time. That happens ca. every 4 years since 1990. This time, after a no-driving-period of 5 years, they force me to move abroad to make new licence there.
By their terror and campaign, they always make sure to put costs on me and steal my time, so I cannot concentrate on people, research or afford health insurance etc, like the other intelligent people with the campaign upon them.
Recently I wrote to one of my teachers, who is now mayor in neighbor town, that I´m an indicator person for this area, and the way scientists are treated is clear indication that area deserves Tchernobyl and will have it. (no reaction). Then, very "coincidentially", brought an articel "Tchernobyl is good for the environment", thanks for support. Half of my web-site consists of such coincidences.
I will squeeze the shit out of them.
On my open-desk webpage (shortest address, with "science foundation" "mushroom foundation" and "fungi/woods/technology/politics", You can see full-scale research on global system, life before and after death. I work on proof life is possible without the indoctrination system (where can I get price for that), and proof consists of action. I try to work with unemployed on important points of option system, like energy, terra preta (carbon-soil), own state with good international connections. But is too slow without researcher money (but looks like this year I get enough money to pay myself as scientist and I get permission to built company). Because the officials were slow with giving me money and permission, one boy died in a flood this year, I can prove at court. That will pull more people on my side.
But still, I want lifetime back (genetic engineering), which costs 100bn. (Long-live mice cost 2bn, bio-genius in London said.) So the expropriation must come upon the Great people, as I prepare. (I think the Israel friends have an important role here, they confess to Israel and german inferiority, and feel allowed to rob, re-educate and destroy people ). They sacrificed millions german scientists in order to make money and send weapons to Israel, and make Germany property of the Alliies. 30% of Germans to be expropr.,30% truth-educated I estimate.
How about Russia? Why you not become free genius/folks cooperations and make great state instead daily shit.
These questions of course occur in serious system analysis, my approach is that useful inventions are neglected and can be installed by cooperation of folks and scientists, which leads to richness and wisdom. So I make science investigation on putting geniusses to neglected options, and left out the chance to concentrate on mathematics. It´s well possible I would be working on Ricci-flow. Maybe I still will (takes me 2? years to understand your work iff money/nothing else/good books or explanations), or something related, in case is useful for new physics like new sight on local/nonlocal things. I started work for Dr. physics, waterdynamics with phase transitions, search for heat pump producing own running power, based on my formulation of 2.Law "Proceedings in time go into the most probable direction most of the time". In the physics community, formulations have appeared like "Far from equilibrium, 2.Law doesn´t apply". That´s totally insufficient. (This takes 3 years, but if results and help, speeding up possible, must ask some people.)
Politics and family: I heard your father, and soon sister, moved to Israel ?? You don´t look jewish (semitic,palestinian,hebrew), You look european.
If one thinks he is preferred by god so he can take away water and land from inhabitants (that´s what it is if you don´t have permission by Palestine), he must be insane I said in an internet forum recently, they almost called the police and censored the sentence.
I already published selection quotes for Israelis, 30-60% accepted by inhabitants, 40-70% in "area smaller than 48". And my comment in 2003 was: "The negotiations must be repeated, as soon as the Palestinians have the military superiority, so better negotiate correctly right now." As Brecht said "the winners write the history", I don´t believe one word except lots of personal stories I heard. Because half the planet is already ruined, Hitler could not have been worse. As I understand, after Versailles, Balfur, Dollar, Lusitania, press, there seemed to be a plan to colonize Germany with people who are pro gods-own people, so in the end he said "Then go to god. Right now!", but I´m not sure what happened. Anyway, because the gods-own people (Allies) ruined half the planet with their lies ( I´m not sure about the jewish parts in this), Germans are now the heros of the world, and will finish their corrupt state and spread inventions and cooperations. This under control of normal people, You look pretty normal so far (seen some internet reports).
If Madrid, then we should plan every word.
Example, my attitude to king is, I respect his position, because he represents many people, but I also say the people are more part of problem than part of solution. I work on solution and want more strength for normal people which are part of solution. The scientists and workers which bring the water must be more respected than money people. (i.e. my mafia is better than theirs).
Then Your attitude, I can only give them some sentences which You give me, and cannot explain or comment Your attitude, except I like what I heard and have my own attitude. As I think, You were not picking on little things, but are generally aware of self-promotion, lies and destruction. A few more public sentences would then make that more clear. Fields-price: You damaged it, so You can raise conditions for future. Something like that: In the annals it says "F-price 06 ..., Perelman (refused to accept)* and then footnote: P. accept, but he was right. According to his objections 1.price has become main price, but then age-limit is wrong 2..3... the senior Fields-Price was founded... For this, the king can then donate (relatively little) money, as my T-Shirt says.
I don´t know this list 1..2..3.. ! I just put one plausible point I found on it.
Those things with "being pet or ugly" (internet) etc. are hard to solve by such a price-improvement list, unless You put it in right words (What should be done ?). Maybe You don´t want to heal the price this way, I have not enough information.
I just show some options I see. Here´s more: If You want or not want the (half) million, maybe use it on russian-german collaboration. When those "sweet points in the options system" I foresee develope - scientists/inventors and folks work together and succesfully overtake economical parts - I want to make it part of one of the most famous art exhibitions, next year in Kassel.
I try to show up there anyway, in the tradition of Beuys, and as scientist, according to the theory of an african participant 10 years ago, who built a pyramid of driftwood in Kassel (incl. one street post, so the police came) and had the theory, that artist, and scientist is basically the same (which took me a while to accept). When I show up there with science and threat of economical power, in an artistic way, and have meetings with advanced scientists, then maybe You allow that the medal hangs there for a while (unless You want it destroyed). The Holy refused Fields medal is then a sign for mathematical leadership and for overtaking the city. This sounds crazy enough for international art, but is good propaganda, can lead to much intelligent people´s power.
Is that close to Your ideas, I must now concentrate on daily shit, getting permission by officials for mushroom growing (king bolete in woods and medicinal).
How You like David Byrne "Burning down the house", was on TV yesterday for 10 sec, maybe good background for act.
Good luck


1Tag später:
- ägyptischer Nobelpreisträger stirbt
- ein seltenes Physik-Rundschreiben, demnach kommt man von einer bekannten Variante der Quantenmechanik relativ schnell zu den Superwaffen, passend zu meinem Stichwort "nichtlokal" im Schreiben. Ich soll mir also diese nichtlokale Quantentheorie ansehen (und nicht die vorher von mir diskutierten Würfelfelder) um mit der Wehrmacht die Superwaffen zu bauen.
Bei der Quantentheorie geht’s darum, dass die kleinsten Materie-und Energieteilchen aus so einer Art mathematischen Funktionen bestehen, und diese lassen sich einzeln manipulieren oder so, mit erstaunlichen Ergebnissen, z.B. sowas wie dass man einfach die Eigenschaft "Ort" verändert, dann ist das Teilchen plötzlich an einem anderen Ort, ohne dass es auf einem bestimmten Weg dorthin gekommen ist, oder man sendet nichtlokal (also ohne dass ein Weg nötig ist) einfach bestimmte Vorschriften an einen bestimmten Ort, so dass dort die gewünschten Ereignisse aus der Umgebungsmaterie entstehen, wie Explosionen, Erdbeben, Viren.